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Curriculum vitae of Frits Kamp

Date of Birth: 31 May 1958


Nationality: Dutch

Marital Status: Married, 3 Children


Professional Experience

1985-1988 Visiting Fellow, National Institutes of Health, Bestheda, Maryland, USA
1986-1990 Research Associate, E.C. Slater Insitute, University of Amsterdam,

The Netherlands

1991-1995 Research Associate, Department of Biophysics, Boston University School of Medicine, Boston, Massachusettes, USA
1995 Postdoctoral Associate, Cornell University Medical College, New York City, USA
1996-1997 Visiting Associate Professor, Centro de Estudios Científicos de Santiago, University of Chile
1998-1999 Research Associate, Department of Biophysics, Boston Medical Center, Boston, Massachusettes, USA
1998-1999 Consultant: Adipogenix, Obesity Drugs Company, Boston, USA
1999-2000 Instructor, School of Medicine, Boston University, Mass., USA
2000-2008 “Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiter” (Bat II), University of Munich, Germany


1982 Doctoraal (M.S.): Biophysics, cum laude, University of  Groningen,

The Netherlands

1984 Biochemical Engineering, University of  Groningen
1990 Ph.D. Biochemistry, University of Amsterdam. 'Protons in Bioenergetics, Why, how and where they go', Thesis. Prof.  Karel van Dam, promotor;  Prof. H.V. Westerhoff, adviser

Research Experience

1983-1984 Biochemical engineering. Physical transport phenomena in pilot plant reactors
1985-1990 Bio-energetics. Non-equilibrium thermodynamics. Reconstitution of cytochrome oxidase into model membranes
1991-1995 Membrane biophysics. Development of a new assay of  measurement

of transbilayer movement (flip-flop) of fatty acids across membranes

1996-1997 Stopped-flow fluorimetry. Calcium transport
1998-2000 Obesity research: Fatty acid transport and uncoupling proteins
2000-2003 Reconstitution and functional assays of uncoupling proteins
2003-now Interaction of alpha-synuclein with membranes